Woostudy Case Study

Company Overview

WooStudy emerged with the mission of breaking barriers to education by
removing the role of a middleman. With the vision to become the world’s premier ed-tech community, they transform conventional enrollment experiences through Al technology. WooStudy offers an innovative platform and accessible learning solutions to students worldwide.


In the competitive world of EdTech, where established players dominate, WooStudy, a determined newcomer, needed a comprehensive 360-degree marketing strategy to stand out.

360° Marketing Strategy

Web Development

We created a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website for WooStudy to drive traffic, capture leads, and enhance online visibility. We keep the website design responsive for better user experiences and business growth.

Web Development

B2C Social Media Strategy

We offer tailored B2C social media marketing solutions, including:

B2C Social Media Strategy

B2C Operations

Our team ensures timely B2C follow-up operations via Drip emails, WhatsApp, calls & texts, CRM management, Retargeting, Database administration, and Networking between global and regional teams.

B2C Operations

Inbound & Outbound Campaigns for B2b

We used a mix of inbound and outbound marketing approaches to attract potential academic institutions and prospective students to establish active connections. We pushed the marketing message directly and indirectly to the target audience, so our strategy turned out more proactive and interruptive.


Our 360-degree marketing strategy delivered remarkable results for WooStudy:


increase in website traffic in 6 months


Student enrollment


Global Locations


increase in media engagement


Partnership with schools & institutions


Revenue Increase