How we conquered the E-commerce Space

Paolo Rossi

Paolo Rossi is an artisanal footwear brand that champions the essence of contemporary style—an enduring, persistent grace that defies the transience of trends. With a commitment to elegance and creativity, the brand crafts shoes for men and women of all ages.

Paolo Rossi encounters a notable absence of the human element within their brand and products, resulting in decreased customer engagement and connection. Also, Paolo Rossi grapples with a noticeable look and feel issue, signaling a misalignment between their visual identity and the core essence of their fashion philosophy.

Squarepeg developed an innovative e-commerce solution for Paolo Rossi. Our team capitalized on the power of AI via Midjourney and infused the captivating AI-generated visuals in the brand’s social media accounts that bridged the gap between the product and the customer.

Our team also revamped the brand’s look and feel, ensuring it authentically represented Paolo Rossi’s core philosophy of elegance, creativity, and resistance to mediocrity.

The outcome of Squarepeg’s innovative e-commerce approach for Paolo Rossi was a significant boost in sales and improved customer loyalty. The enhanced shopping experience, coupled with a refreshed brand image, resonated with customers and led to a substantial uptick in sales, firmly establishing Paolo Rossi as a prominent player in the fashion industry.

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Fatima Salamat

Fatima Salamat, a sub-brand of Touseef Enterprises, is a renowned women’s fashion brand. From haute couture to pret, FS has set new fashion trends. With a flagship store in Lahore and global shipping, Fatima Salamat caters to a diverse clientele seeking luxurious and unique heirloom designs.

Fatima Salamat offers trendy, stylish, and high-end clothing in the highly competitive fashion industry and is perceived as an expensive brand. This perception has the potential to limit its online reach. Also, their product photoshoots need a cohesive theme, which could impact brand identity and consumer engagement.

Squarepeg’s e-commerce solution for Fatima Salamat was a game-changer. We relocated their product photoshoot to Turkey! Our production team ensured a more cost-effective production process that added a fresh, exotic allure to the brand’s visuals. The rich cultural tapestry of Turkey served as the perfect backdrop to showcase Fatima Salamat’s high-end clothing.

Our international photoshoot proved an excellent strategic move that added a sense of uniqueness and aligned the brand with global fashion trends. Squarepeg’s innovative approach transformed the brand’s identity and elevated its appeal, ultimately leading to increased consumer engagement and a broader reach in the competitive fashion market.


The original make up remover

Makeup Eraser Europe is the go-to destination for makeup eraser towels and a range of beauty essentials. Their product lineup includes high-quality makeup eraser towels, beauty blenders, and various makeup sets designed to simplify daily beauty routines.

Makeup Eraser Europe faced a challenge in converting its French audience to English. Switching from one language to another posed difficulties in effective communication and engagement.

Squarepeg introduced a comprehensive e-commerce solution in response to Makeup Eraser Europe’s language transition challenge. Our team executed a twice-daily posting strategy, ensuring consistent and engaging content delivery to the audience. We also prioritized active engagement with the audience, fostering a more connected and responsive online community.

SquarePeg Leveraged its storytelling power to craft compelling narratives that resonated with the brand’s values, catching the attention and loyalty of the audience during this transition.

Ad Spend: PKR 31,000 

Revenue: $1.94K  ROAS : 19.16%